For more than 25 years, executive and entrepreneur Moris Beracha has been immersed in the world of investment banking and management, building a commendable record of accomplishments at numerous companies across the globe. In his present role as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Celistics Group, Moris Beracha has spent the past four years providing a high degree of fiscal oversight for all aspects of the firm, including its subsidiary Movilway. Owing in part to the tireless efforts of Moris Beracha and his colleagues at Celistics Group, the company has enjoyed steady revenue increases over the years and an expanded presence in the Spanish-speaking telecommunications market. Beginning in 2008, the first year of operations for Celistics Group, Moris Beracha and his partners at the firm brought in worldwide revenues of $753 million, which increased to $1.2 billion in 2010. One of the leading providers of mobile phone equipment and cellular logistics to such major service operators as Telefonica SA, Celistics Group has enjoyed consistent growth under the guidance of Moris Beracha and currently employs more than 1,000 professionals.

Prior to the formation of Celistics Group, Moris Beracha served in a wide range of executive capacities at companies in various market sectors. Some of his board memberships include director and shareholder positions at Hispanic News, Corporacion Leibe C.A., Corporacion ACA New, Inmobiliaria Yacambu C.A., Acco Manufacturing C.A., Cartonera del Caribe, Banco Caracas, Bestinvest Casa de Bolsa, Brown Montgomery Securities, and Protinal/Proagro. Between 1989 and 2003, Moris Beracha acted as principal of New York-based Westfalia Investments, a broker-dealer focused in a number of global markets. A graduate of Universidad Metropolitana, Moris Beracha holds a degree in business administration. Moris Beracha resides in Caracas, Venezuela.

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